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Neither small nor large, we are a tailor-made company to serve the segment with the best solutions in the import and distribution of food and beverages.

At BAVE, we think obsessively about your business and how we can improve it by meeting your needs and offering customized solutions.
With this differential, we have a prominent presence in the area of import and distribution of food and beverages in the USA. Our commitment is to treat each of our customers as unique, with personalized service, carried out by a team that is passionate about what they do.

We believe that being part of the success of our customers and partners moves our company to a place inaccessible to other competitors.

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Technical/commercial development of premium food and beverages, from the production process, through certifications, international/national logistics solutions and pricing.

We have a dedicated team to take care of the entire process, from end to end, without intermediaries and without outsourcing responsibility, generating value to the business model and resulting in very competitive prices.

With technology and management, in order to ensure the best level of service, we offer a commercial platform with a 24×7 B2B service system, supported by a Sales Force platform, providing the best tools for commercial support, time and inventory management.

Supported by the most modern production controls, we guarantee quality through global certifications, including the support of renowned third-party certifying companies, yet we offer passive support for a robust Liability, offering the necessary security for your business.

Get in touch with our team and understand in a personalized way how we can support you in the development of your business.



At BAVE Food & Beverage, our mission is to be the leading importer of premium food and beverage products from the world, with special focus in Brazil, offering an authentic taste of the country’s diverse culinary heritage while providing exceptional customer service. As a company passionate about quality and cultural appreciation, we strive to deliver delightful experiences that inspire and connect people worldwide.


The consumer satisfaction is what move us. Hence, our portfolio was carefully selected to offer the best products and brands from Brazil, with a cosmopolitan hint.


Brazilian beers reflect a diverse and vibrant drinking culture.


Exploring Brazilian wines offers a unique opportunity to discover the diverse landscapes and grape.


Cachaça is a distinctive and traditional Brazilian distilled spirit.


Brazilian cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, reflecting the country's rich cultural diversity.


Empower your business with our comprehensive range of services designed to elevate your success.



With a dedicated team, we offer excellence in our national and international transportation solutions. We are present in the distribution of alcoholic beverages in more than 30 American states. From anywhere in the world, whether by rail, air, road or sea, get in touch to understand how we can assist you in food and beverage logistics operations.



Within our comprehensive structure, we provide essential support to ready your company for the global market. Benefit from specialized assistance in certification processes and audits, exclusively available to BAVE partners. Ensure a seamless journey to international success with our dedicated support.


What the client say about us

Hamlet Simon
Hamlet Simon
Uma experiência fantástica dos produtos brasileiros na América. Recomendo.
Elvis Santos
Elvis Santos
Empresa séria e pontual…
Eduardo Medeiros Lima
Eduardo Medeiros Lima
Doing business with this guys, they are very professional!
Joao Luiz Barros
Joao Luiz Barros
Empresa de produtos brasileiros muito profissional. Recomendo.
Alma Consulting
Alma Consulting
BAVE has an incredible portfolio of Brazilian products and Excellent Customer Service!
mario ribeiro
mario ribeiro
Thank for everything!

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